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Vistara Airlines

Vistara Airlines - Baggage, Cancellation, Phone number & More

If you`re looking for a flight, Air Wander websites are always a good choice. Booking your dream vacation or adding an unexpected trip these sites are the best. Here`s something for you!

These sites have a huge selection of coupons and deals on these sites every day, what a great way to have an economical trip with these great options anywhere in the world. Moreover, they give student discounts, if you`re a student with educational institute ID`s only and discounts for senior citizens too.

In addition to this, we offer more options so that we may make everything convenient for you, If you provide your departure and arrival dates, you will receive an estimate of the cost of the stopovers on the routes as a result.

When it comes to leisure and comfort, the only airline we think of is Vistara Airlines. Vistara is so easy to do online booking with us, a combination of leisure with affordability.

Air Vistara is a joint venture between Tata Sons Limited and Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) and aims to be known as a world-class full service carrier. By combining the hospitality and customer service experience of its parent brands, Vistara creates excellence in the air travel industry. The sole name of the airline is derivative from the Sanskrit word "vistaar", which refers to limitless expanse, and signifies that the brand aspires to thrust all boundaries in its quest to be the best airline in the skies.

So, let`s fly with Vistara Airlines and experience the quest.

Vistara Flights & Booking
Vistara Airlines Baggage Policy

Hand baggage allowance for travel within and outside India 7kg to 12 kg as per the class.

  • Dimensions: 55cm (22 inches) x 40cm (16 inches) x 20cm (8 inches)
  • Children are entitled to the same cabin baggage allowance as adults.
  • Carrycots or fully collapsible pushchair/strollers must be checked-in.
  • In total to one piece of hand baggage, you may be allowed to take the following personal items:
  • Ladies handbag
  • Overcoat or wrap
  • Camera or binoculars
  • Reading material for the flight
  • Infant`s feeding aids for consumption during the flight
  • Walking stick
  • Umbrella (folding type)
  • Medicines required during flight like asthma inhaler
  • Laptop
Hand baggage cannot be accepted if it:
  • Is inappropriate for air carriage due to its weight, size or nature
  • Cannot fit under the seat or be stowed in the overhead compartment
  • Is unsuitably packed
  • Rarely may we not have space to stow all hand baggage securely and as a result you may be requested to check in some or all of your hand baggage at the boarding gate.
Check-in Baggage
  • Baggage that exceeds the size and specifications of hand baggage will not be checked-in. The maximum weight allowable for a single piece of baggage is 32kg across all cabin classes
Do`s and don`t for the Baggage:
  • Make a reminder of the cabin baggage allowance and dimensions.
  • Note the items restricted in cabin baggage.
  • Make certain medication, important documents, valuable items, and cash are in cabin baggage.
  • Pronounce any arms or explosive substances you are carrying.
  • Battery cells in any electrical/electronic items are now permissible but loose battery cells/dry cells are not. Laptops, mobile phones, and Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) with irremovable batteries are not allowed in the check-in baggage.
Vistara Airlines Cancellation Policy

After your ticket has been completed and you are flying with Vistara Airlines if any Conditions arise that you need to cancel the booking or by any matter, Vistara cancels the flight we have the mentioned policies:

  • Cancellation and change only can be processed within 24 hours of booking
  • Bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance.
  • Cancellation and change can only be done by calling the Vistara Customer Service Center.
  • In case of change in bookings, only the alter fee will be waived off whereas the fare differentiation will have to be paid by the buyer.
  • This is only applicable on direct flights.
  • Bookings qualifying for this service will be non-re routable and non-transferable.
  • Only 1 complimentary change will be allowed in the booking.
  • This service is applicable for travel within India only we don`t apply the cancellation/refunds etc for international bookings.
  • This service is not applicable for customers booking under Economy Lite fares.
  • The facilities of cancellations/refunds/rescheduling totally depend in which cabin class you are traveling through.

Booking through us with Vistara Airlines online booking, it`s the easiest and quickest way to do it. It`s the best economic cabin deal you can imagine. Put your luggage in your suitcase and leave the rest with us.

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