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Spice Jet

When you want to run away from work, or if you are planning a random trip out but are concerned about the cost of the trip. Our team is here to assist you at any time. You should always make Air Wander your first choice. These websites are always a good place to start if you are looking for inexpensive flights; they always have lots of great deals and discount coupons almost all the time.

They also provide special discounts to students who have valid student IDs, and to senior citizens who have valid senior citizen IDs in addition to many more options to make the journey more convenient; we have several options that will make the journey more convenient for you. If you provide your departure and destination points along with the days you are going to spend at the stopover, you will be able to find a stopover option along with a predictable price. You just need to pick one and we will make sure that you get the best deal possible for you.

If you have been searching for discounted deals to book your flights, we cannot stop the thoughts about Spice Jet. It is a Low-Cost Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes cabin comfort, baggage/seat charges, onboard food & beverages, and cabin cleanliness. Fly with spice jet airlines as it not only flies domestically but also international waters.Book flights with spice jet Airlines and you won`t be regretful about it.

Flights & Booking policies:
Spice Jet Airlines Baggage Policy

Spice Jet permits one piece of free checked-in baggage of up to 15 kg with general maximum dimensions of 158 cm (L+W+H), per passenger, for all domestic flights.

If a passenger is carrying less than the acceptable weight, then the balance weight cannot be adjusted as hand baggage or vice versa. Moreover, each bag must not exceed 32 kg as per airport baggage policy.

Spice Jet will not be accountable for unacceptably packed, perishable, damaged, or fragile baggage or for minor damage to the peripheral of baggage (e.g. scratches, stains, soiling, dents).

  • Each passenger is allowed to carry one piece of hand baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kg., free of cost.
  • Laptop bag/ ladies purse/duty-free shopping bags can be carried additionally, as long as the total weight of cabin baggage does not exceed 7 kg.
  • Passengers with infants are permitted to carry an additional piece of hand baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kg, only.
Spice Jet Airlines Cancellation Policy

Once you book your Spice jet airlines online booking and you have to cancel your tickets, the cancellation petition for bookings made online will be processed automatically through the Internet Booking Engine. Any refunds due will be processed by the engine in conformation with the appropriate cancellation policy.

Spice jet provides for 24 hours after booking a ticket. During this period passenger can cancel or amend the ticket without any additional charges, except for the normal prevailing fare for the revised flight for which the ticket is sought to be amended. This facility shall not be available for a flight whose departure is less than 7 days from the booking date.

For booking cancellations and flight changes requested via SpiceJet Reservations or airport ticketing counters, an additional sum of Rs.250 per passenger per flight will be chargeable.

In case of credit card payments, a refund shall be made within seven (07) days of the cancellation to the account of the credit card holder.

In case of cash transactions, the refund shall be made immediately by the SpiceJet office from where the ticket was purchased.

In case of cancellation of tickets purchased through online portals, the refund will be processed within 24 to 48 working hours from the date of the cancellation of the ticket.

For bookings canceled due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions and lockdown in the period will be purely refunded.

If the cancellation is done from the end of spice jet, they are relying upon such a condition and will guide you in no time. If you get in touch with them on the support helpline

We assure you to give a ride that will be turbulence-free, booking through us for Spice jet will be the most beneficial deal you can think of. Simply type in the dates, and we will take care of the rest, ensuring you get the best services you can ever imagine!

Happy Spicy journey to you!

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