Kolkata to Siliguri Bus Booking

Kolkata to Siliguri Bus Booking

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is well-known for its ancient history, culture, and arts. It would be ideal if you could spend your holiday, summer, or winter break in the magnificent city of Kolkata. However, Kolkata is devoid of specific or significant bus stations. Daily intercity and interstate bus service is provided by Calcutta Transport Corporation (CTC), whose services are easily accessible. Siliguri is a charming town in the Darjeeling district of the Indian state of West Bengal. A well-organized network of bus services makes bus travel in and around Siliguri relatively affordable and convenient. Visit our website for the best deals on Siliguri online bus tickets to book a bus to Siliguri. Through our website, Siliguri bus tickets are routinely reserved in accordance with the specific needs of tourists.

Popular Bus Boarding Terminals in Kolkata

  • Park Street
  • CSCT Bus Depot
  • 30A Bus stand
  • Anandpur Bus Depot
  • Grey Street

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Online reservations for the bus are available. The price of the ticket depends on a number of variables, including the nature of your trip and the availability of the bus. In addition, the price of an air-conditioned bus from Kolkata to Siliguri is higher than the price of a standard bus. When making an online reservation, it is essential to check the price, compare it to the prices of the various available options, and then select the option that best meets your needs. Take advantage of our discounts on Kolkata to Siliguri bus reservations.

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Four Volvo AC buses are currently operating between Kolkata and Siliguri. Other sanitized buses are also available at a discount.

The road trip from Kolkata to Siliguri by Volvo AC bus takes approximately 12 hours and thirteen minutes (appx.).

The lowest price for a bus from Kolkata to Siliguri is Rs. 1190.

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