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Akasa Airlines

Akasa Airlines - Baggage, Cancellation, Phone number & More

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The newly introduced Akasa airline is a new launch for Indian skies it will start its first flight service from Mumbai to Ahmadabad on 7 August 2022. Akasa airline`s motivation is to give premium services at a reasonable price. Akasa promises that its ticket prices are lesser than its competitors by over 22 percent on average in the Mumbai-Ahmadabad sector. likewise, in the Bengaluru-Mumbai sector, its fares are lower by nearly 5%.

Book flights with Akasa Airlines today and experience the new!

Akasa Flights & Booking policies:
Akasa Airlines Baggage Policy
  • Customers are allowed to carry up to 7kgs of hand baggage.
  • The check-in baggage allowance is capped at 15kg per passenger; also the 15kg limit is valid to one piece of the bag only.
  • Customers are allowed to book extra baggage for their travel requirements, which is chargeable at 900 INR per piece of baggage, and the pre-booking be made online easily.
  • Customers who have booked tickets under government officials or student class are allowed to carry 2 check-in baggage.
  • The dimensions of the check-in baggage should not exceed 158 cms in a total of L+W+H.
  • Passengers are allowed to buy extra baggage for each category separately as per their convenience.
  • Customers are not allowed to modify/cancel the pre-purchased baggage booking once they have made the purchase.
  • The cancellation of pre-booked baggage is only allowed in case the entire flight ticket is canceled.
  • The charges for extra baggage will be refunded fully for both fully and partially refundable tickets.
  • If the customer modifies their travel date, the same date will be applied automatically to the extra baggage.
  • If the customer fails to show up at the gate for the flight no refund will be made for excess baggage purchase.
  • If any dispute arises with respect to excess baggage, the decision made by Akasa airlines will be concluded.
Akasa Airlines Cancellation Policy

As this airline has been just introduced it is giving away hassle-free policies:

  • You can call off your domestic flight tickets at Akasa Air 1 hour prior to the departure of the flight.
  • If you wish to cancel your flight ticket with us, you can either contact the Akasa Care Centre or go to `Manage Bookings` which will guide you through the process.
  • Tickets that are canceled will be refunded after the relevant cancellation fees are deducted (which will be between INR 500 - INR 3500).
  • 0-3 Days left for departure - INR 3,000 or Airfare charges plus Fare difference will be charged (Whichever is lower). Price may change as per class *
  • 4 Days left for departure - INR 2,500 or Airfare charges plus Fare difference will be charged (Whichever is lower). Price may change as per class *
Why choose Akasa?

Akasa has extended the statement that it will operate the greenest fleet in the Indian skies. Their 737 MAX family aircraft are known for their fuel-efficient, LEAP-1B engines, which reduce fuel consumption and emissions, AKA it is going to be an environment-friendly departure, additionally at an economical price. This does not stop here.

They have extra legs space which we weep for and if you are thinking to advertise your business above sea level, they do have exciting offers for that too. The blend of sustainability, affordability, and business is going to take off extremely soon.

So, pack your luggage and book with us for Akasa airlines online booking, it is the most convenient and economical experience to book your flights.

Fly with Akasa Airlines for the new comfort!

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