4 Night Cruise EX Kochi - Lakshadweep - at Sea- Goa - Mumbai Cruise Tour in Interior Cabin

With Cordelia Cruises, enjoy a lavish 4 nights, 5 days trip with opulent amenities and stunning sea vistas. Leaving Chennai, board the opulent Cordelia ship and take advantage of its top-notch facilities, superb food, and entertainment choices. Explore the alluring beaches and cultural history of Chennai, Trincomalee, and Jaffna as you cruise through calm waters. Visit historic temples and forts, immerse yourself in the culture, and savor the mouthwatering local food. Join us onboard by booking the Chennai cruise package on the luxurious Cordelia Cruise for an exciting cruise experience to the fascinating towns of Sri Lanka.

Enjoy a feast of regional foods and a drink of your choice while sailing on the Cordelia Cruise.
Visit several historical sites to learn about Sri Lanka‘s rich past.
Discover the picturesque cities of Jaffna and Trincomalee, which are renowned for their stunning ports.
On the Cordelia Cruise ship, enjoy opulent features including private balconies, gourmet cuisine, and spa centers.
Take advantage of a range of entertainment opportunities, including live music performances, comedic acts, films, and games.

  • Accommodation
  • All meals are included at the Food Court & Starlight restaurant
  • Access to the swimming pool
  • Access to our fitness center
  • Access to all public areas and lounges*
  • Entertainment shows*
  • Entry to the Casino
  • Rock climbing wall experience
  • Dining at specialty Premium Restaurants.
  • Access to the Cordelia academy for kids                
  • Insurance
  • Salsa Classes
  • DJ and pool party
  • Balle Balle
  • India through movies

  • Alcohol and Beverages
  • Burlesque show and other paid entertainment shows.
  • Shore Excursion & Exclusive on board Experience.
  • wi fi packages.
  • on Board shopping.
  • Purchase of Casino coupons or token
  • Spa and Salon services.
  • Ship tours
  • Flight and Train Ticket.
  • Airport Transfer.
  • Bridge Tours
  • Activities not mentioned in the inclusion list.
  • RT-PCR test, its mandatory .

Day 1: Kochi

Departure: 8:30 PM

From Chennai Port, go on a thrilling voyage by joining the luxurious Cordelia Cruise. Take some time to explore the variety of onboard amenities, including the restaurants, bars, and entertainment choices, after relaxing in your cozy accommodation. This cruise in Chennai has a lot more to offer.

Day 2: At Sea

Enjoy the stunning view of the serene Indian Ocean on your second day at sea on this cruise tour package. Make use of the cruise‘s many amenities to relax and refresh. There is something for everyone, whether it is relaxing in the calming pool, taking part in fun activities and games, or treating yourself in the opulent spa. Try your luck at the little casino, enjoy the lively atmosphere of the onboard bar, dance to the rhythms of the brilliant DJ, or see the riveting theatre shows. You have access to a wide range of amenities, so your day will be full of unending amusement and relaxation.

Day 3: Trincomalee

Arrival: 5:30 AM, Departure: 7:00 PM

On day three, the Chennai cruise ship package will dock at Trincomalee, an enchanting port town nestled in Sri Lanka. This alluring destination provides several possibilities to explore the area‘s breathtaking natural beauties, dig into its rich history by visiting historic forts and old temples, and relax on its beautiful beaches in the region‘s crystal-clear seas. You can get access to all these activities by paying extra. 

Tour 1: Glimpse of Trincomalee, Duration: 4 hours, Capacity: Min – 35 Pax 

Explore Sri Thirukoneswaram Kovil Temple

Discover Fort Fedrick

Pay a visit to Shakti Peeth Temple

Visit the War Cemetery

Experience the Kinniya Hot Water Spring

Tour 2: Whale watching, Duration: 4 hours, Capacity: Min – 35 Pax

Drive to boarding points for the boats

Boat ride for spot Whale (Seasonal) (Per boat capacity is 6 pax)

Tour 3: Dolphin watching, Duration: 4 hours, Capacity: Min – 35 Pax

Drive to boarding points for the boats

Boat ride for spot Dolphin (Seasonal) (Per boat capacity is 6 pax)

Tour 4: Sigiriya, Duration: 7 hours, Capacity: Min – 35 Max – 350

Visit Lions Cliff, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

(Note: There are 1200 stairs to the summit of the cliff).

Tour 5: Polonaruwwa Ancient City, Duration: 8 hours, Capacity: Min – 35 Pax

Arrive and explore the historic Polonnaruwa City.

Tour 6: Pigeon Island – Snorkeling, Duration: 5 hours, Capacity: Min – 35 Pax

Transfer to Pickup Location from Trincomalee Port

A boat journey to Pigeon Island from Land

Transfer to Trincomalee Port from Pickup Location

Tour 7: Minneriya National Park, Duration: 7 hrs 15 mins, Capacity: Min – 35 Pax

Pick up from Trincomalee Port.

Transfer to Minneriya National Park.

Arrive at the entrance of Minneriya National Park.

Take part in a Jeep Safari with a maximum of 6 passengers per jeep.

Transfer back to Trincomalee Port after the safari.

Tour 8: Relax at beach – Cinnamon Blu or similar, Duration: 8 hours, Capacity: Min – 35 Pax

Depart from the Port of Trincomalee towards the beach resort.

Check in at the hotel and head straight to the beach/pool area to relax and unwind.

Enjoy a delicious lunch at the hotel‘s Captain‘s deck.

Indulge in refreshing tea or coffee.

Return to the port by car.

Day 4: Jaffna

Arrival: 8:30 AM, Departure: 4:00 PM

On the fourth day, the cruise will bring you to Jaffna, a city in northern Sri Lanka. Get to explore the rich cultural heritage of Jaffna by visiting ancient temples, museums, and other historical sites with some additional charges.

Tour 1: Glimpse of Jaffna, Duration: 3 hours 45 mins, Capacity: Min – 35 Pax

Visit Naguleswaram Temple, Nallur Kovil Temple

Drive to Jaffna City

Visit Jaffna Fort

Explore Famous Library

Check out Stadium in Jaffna

Tour 2: Jaffna Beach, Duration: 3 hours 45 mins, Capacity: Min – 35 Pax

Start by driving to Jaffna Lagoon via Kytes Road.

Explore the Jaffna Public Market and take a leisurely stroll around.

Continue the journey by driving to Kankasanturei Beach.

Enjoy free time at the beach, relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Tour 3: Spiritual Jaffna, Duration: 4 hours, Capacity: Min – 35 Pax

Depart for Naguleswaram Temple

Arrive at Naguleswaram Temple and participate in a special blessing organized exclusively for our group by the chief priest (Poojari)

Visit St. Antony‘s Church

Explore and experience the serene ambiance of the Nagara Viharaya Buddhist Temple

Day 5: Chennai

Arrival: 12:00

Enjoy your last day on board the ship and make use of its services to unwind before you depart for Chennai. Take advantage of the chance to visit the locations you travel through in order to learn more about their natural beauty and cultural legacy and don‘t forget to pick up some mementos to remember your journey on this cruise package India.  

Cabin Sharing and addition Details.

All cabins will be provided on a Private basis only for your group or Family.

If 1 person is booking this tour, we shall provide 1 cabin on Single Sharing Basis.

If 2 people are booking this tour, we shall provide 1 cabin on Double Sharing Basis.

If 3 people are booking this tour, we shall provide 1 cabin on Triple Sharing Basis.

If 4 people are booking this tour, we shall provide 1 cabin for 4 people.

If 5 people are booking this tour, we shall provide 2 cabins for 5 people.

If 6 people are booking this tour, we shall provide 2 cabins for 6 people.

If 7 people are booking this tour, we shall provide 2 cabins for 7 people.

If 8 people are booking this tour, we shall provide 2 cabins for 8 people

Maximum 4 people can accommodate in 1 cabin. If you want to book 2 cabins among 4 persons or 2 cabins for 3 people or require any other cabin as per your comfort, contact the My Flight Trip support team.

Cabin Upgrade  - If you wish to upgrade your Cabin from Interior or Ocean-view to balcony/suite or Chairman`s Suite, contact our support team

Other Terms and Conditions  - 

*  All cabins and deck floors are subject to availability; My Flight Trip will confirm the cabin number only after making the payment, which may take 6 – 24 Hours.

  * Suppose, due to any technical glitch, last-minute unavailability or any changes made by cruise liner or port authorities, your booking is cancelled or not confirm. In that case, we shall only refund the money after getting the payment from the cruise liner.

  * My Flight Trip Service fee would be non-refundable even if the cruise is cancelled for any reason.

* My Flight Trip is only service provided, and we shall not be responsible for services provided by the cruise liner.

Days To Departure Fee

31 days and above to departure 25% of cabin fare

16 to 30 days to departure 50% of cabin fare

0 to 15 days to departure 100% of total fare

For No-Show 100% of total fare

Port charges & gratuity will be refunded completely.

GST for the refunded amount will also be returned.

Refund will be processed within 10 working days from the cancellation date.


Days to Departure Fee

16 days and above NIL Fee

0 - 15 days INR 5000 per cabin

Rescheduled itinerary must commence on or before 31st March 2022.

Fare difference if any will be payable by the customer.

GST will be applicable on any payable amount.

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