Mumbai Overview

A modern metropolis, Mumbai is the technology hub and a birthplace of biggest IT giants in India. Also known as Mumbai , it is the capital of Karnataka captioned as the silicon valley of India. Being the fifth largest city in the country, it is the fastest growing, with a plethora of attractions and high tech industries. Every inch a cosmopolitan town, it is well known for its bar culture and has the highest number of pubs in Asia. Those who book Mumbai tour package gets a golden opportunity to discover that pleasure aspect of the city. It's buzzing relaxed and liberal atmosphere makes it a perfect pick for exploring the beautiful temples and reminiscent palaces of the Deccan.

Mumbai is situated at the height of 3000 thousand feet above sea level, that result in favorable climate conditions throughout the year. When the entire country is trying to figure out ways to escape from the sultry heat, Mumbai ans are experiencing drizzle and the cool weather in the night. The city is home to people from all walks of life. The population of local Kannadigas is less than 41% and the rest of them are a mixture of other religion and race. The testament to the existence of unison in different cultures and faiths in Mumbai are the presence of numerous mosques, churches, and temples.

The humble attitude towards accepting people from all parts of the world is what makes Mumbai stand out from the rest of the city in India. The places in Mumbai remain crowded with foreign and local travelers who book a Mumbai trip to capture the glimpse of the iconic city.

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