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Book Ludhiana to Ghaziabad(Hindon) Flights

Ludhiana to Ghaziabad Flight Information:

Total flights from Ludhiana to Hindon in a week 3 Flights
Aerial Distance from Ludhiana to Hindon Flight 292 Km
Cost effective airlines in this route: FlyBig
Lowest flight ticket Rs 1048
Flight time 1 hour 25 minutes (Non-stop flights)
Popular airlines in this route FlyBig

Are you looking for air tickets from Ludhiana to Ghaziabad?

Nonstop flights from Ludhiana to Ghaziabad take about 1 hour 25 minutes. If you want to book direct flight from Ludhiana to Ghaziabad Flights, Air tickets should be booked at the earliest to get the cheapest flights and early bird discounts. Use My Flight Trip, a reliable Online Flight Booking platform, to get the cheapest air tickets and for a worry-free experience.

How can you book your desired flights for Ludhiana to Ghaziabad?

  • Open the website of My Flight Trip in your browser.
  • Choose "Ludhiana" as the departure city and "Ghaziabad" as the destination city.
  • Insert your travel dates and traveller details.
  • Click the box of "Search Flight" to find options.
  • Compare the prices for flight shown on your screen.
  • Now you can Select your preferred flight.
  • Complete the passenger information on the booking webpage.
  • Use "MFTBEST" for discounts.
  • Pay using cards, net banking, UPI, or wallets.
  • You will get booking confirmation and e-tickets by email.
This was you can easily book cheap flights from Ludhiana to Ghaziabad (Hindon). The promo code MFTBEST gets you the best deal.

How can you check the current status of your flight?

  • Visit the website of MyFlightTrip in your browser.
  • Find the option "Check Flight Status".
  • Enter your flight details.
  • You will see all updates.

Ludhiana Airport - LUH

Ludhiana Airport is primarily adomestic airport located near the town of Sahnewal which is just 12 km from the city of Ludhiana. The airport is mostly used for government flights, Indian Air Force flights for military purposes and flight training. There is a flight training club within the premises of the airport.

There was only one operating commercial airline, Alliance Air, flying between Delhi and Ludhiana till April 2021. After the airport resumed services in September 2023, the low-cost carrier FlyBig came forward to start flight operations to Dehradun with a stopover at Ghaziabad (Hindon). This airport is too small to accommodate increasing number of travellers.

Hindon Airport (Ghaziabad) - VDX

Hindon Airport, located in Ghaziabad district in Uttar Pradesh, is the second commercial airport in Delhi NCR. Operated by Airports Authority of India at Hindan Air Force Station, this airport has only two regional flights operating every day. The airport is just 24km from New Delhi Railway Station, and it is also connected by Delhi Metro.

Why should you visit Ghaziabad (Hindon)?

Ghaziabad is considered one of the most prosperous cities in Uttar Pradesh due to its proximity to Delhi. The city also has places connected with historical and religious importance. The city was named after the Mughal Emperor Ghaziuddin Siddiqui Feroz Jung. The first name was Ghaziudd in Nagar which was changed later.

It is a melting pot of different cultural influences - a true feature of India. The city was once a part of the Gupta dynasty in the sixth century. Many conquerors came since then. But they not only ruled this city but became a part of its ever-flowing cultural tradition. During the British colonial rule, Ghaziabad was a base for the 1857 Sepoy Movement. Many heroes from Ghaziabad sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the motherland. Garhmukteshwar, a place in Ghaziabad, is believed to be connected with the Mahabharat.

Important tourist places in Ghaziabad (Hindon)

  • Garhmukteshwar
  • Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The Opulent Mall
  • Drizzling Land
  • Baba Lal Dayal Mandir
  • Radhe Krishna Mandir
  • Sidhpeeth Dudheshwar Nath Math Mandir
  • Thakurdwara Temple

Popular cuisine in Ghaziabad (Hindon)

  • Paneer and Koftas
  • Dum Biryani
  • Mutton dishes
  • Tunday Kebabs
  • Gelawat Kebabs
  • Hariyali Kebabs

Where can you stay in Ghaziabad (Hindon)?

The city of Ghaziabad has some best hotels which are known for their hospitality and comfort. Since it is primarily an industrial city, lot of people, including Indian tourists and corporate travellers, come to Ghaziabad for different needs. All of them can find good accommodation as per their choice. An array of hotels in Ghaziabad can be booked from the website of My Flight Trip.

Best hotels in Ghaziabad (Hindon)

  • Fortune District Centre, Ghaziabad
  • Radisson Blu Towers, Kaushambi
  • Mahagun Sarovar Portico Suites
  • Golden Tulip Vasundhara Hotel
  • Lemon Tree Hotel, Kaushambi
  • Hotel Royal Palace, Ghaziabad
  • Hotel Krishna Sagar, Ghaziabad
  • Hotel Rainbow, Ghaziabad
  • Clarks Inn, Kaushambi
  • Relax Suites Hotel, Ghaziabad

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The lowest airfare is Rs 1048 (+ applicable taxes). Flights in this route should be booked at the earliest to get the available offers.

The only affordable airline flying between these two destinations is FlyBig.

Instant cancellation option is easily available for your flights on My Flight Trip. For that, you need to log in to open the ticket. The steps as mentioned should be followed to cancel your flight.

Go to the website of My Flight Trip to avail the best offers on Ludhiana to Hindon flight booking. The discount codes are given with the flight details. The codeshould be mentioned during your booking.

Purchasing a travel insurance is not mandatory. However, a travel insurance can always assure a safe journey. If you come across any unexpected situation before or during your journey, a travel insurance can be of help toget over the loss.

There are many affordable hotels located near the Hindon Airport. Visit the website of My Flight Trip tosee a list of hotels in the city of Ghaziabad.

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