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Shivamogga to Mumbai Flight Information

Looking for the best flight deals to Shivamogga? Look no further than My Flight Trip, where you can use our simple booking engine to find nonstop flights and convenient departure points all year round. If you`re planning to book Shivamogga to Mumbai flights, we make it easy to book cheap flights that suit your schedule and budget. With a flight time of 1 hour and 45 minutes, you`ll be in Mumbai before you know it. Both Shivamogga and Mumbai are beautiful cities with unique characters and plenty of things to see and do. So if looking for flights from Shivamogga to Mumbai and take a trip between these two great cities, trust My Flight Trip to help you get there in style and on a budget.

A brief about Shivamogga

Shivamogga is a city situated in Karnataka, India. It is also known as Shimoga. It is located alongside the Tunga River and is encompassed by lush hills and dense forests. Shivamogga is a hub for the production of areca nut, paddy, and spices. It has many temples, waterfalls, and other tourist attractions. The city is also known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, with several temples and monuments that attract tourists from all over the world. It is well-connected by road, rail, and air to other parts of the country. With its newly established airport, you can book your flight tickets from Shivamogga to Mumbai with ease.

About Shivamogga Airport

Shivamogga Airport, which cost Rs 450 crore to build, will enhance air connectivity in the central Karnataka region. The airport`s passenger terminal building, shaped like a lotus, can accommodate 300-400 passengers per hour. Constructed as part of the Centre`s UDAN scheme to make air travel accessible to everyone, this greenfield domestic airport is located in Sogane, Shivamogga district. The airport`s operation is expected to contribute to the region`s growth across various industries, including tourism and the establishment of the IT sector. If you`re looking for Shivamogga to Mumbai flight fare, browse through My Flight Trip`s website and check the flight schedules and fares to make your bookings at your convenience.

Flying to Mumbai Airport? Here is something you should know

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, situated in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, is the primary airport that serves Mumbai, India. It accommodates more than 40 million passengers annually, making it one of the busiest airports in the country. The airport comprises two terminals - Terminal 1 which caters to domestic flights and Terminal 2 for international flights. Mumbai airport serves as a hub for prominent airlines like Air India, Jet Airways, and IndiGo. You can access various transportation modes, including taxis, railways, and buses, to travel from the airport to other parts of the city.

For those planning to travel to Mumbai by air, consider checking out the My Flight Trip website for access to exclusive deals and prices. You can book flights from Shivamogga to Mumbai at reasonable rates, with the added benefit of in-flight amenities.

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There are three modes of transportation available between Shivamogga and Mumbai: road, train, and flight.

The most popular airlines on the Shivamogga to Mumbai flight route are Indigo, Spicejet, Jet Airways, Air India, and Go Air.

The road distance between Shivamogga and Mumbai is 780 kilometers. Shivamogga to Mumbai is 640 kilometers away by air.

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