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Book Kolkata to Deoghar flights

Kolkata to Deoghar flight information

There are six flights currently operating flights from Kolkata to Deoghar, with approximately seventeen weekly departures. You have multiple options available when looking for a flight from Kolkata to Deoghar. Reputable airlines offer both direct and indirect flights between the two cities. My Flight Trip provides the best option for securing great deals on flights to Deoghar. With the easy booking process, you can easily browse nonstop flights and convenient departure points throughout the year. You can search for flights from the top airlines to find your perfect Deoghar flight. If you have flexibility in your travel dates, you can find even better bargains by adjusting your flight dates. Additionally, browsing connecting flights can increase your chances of finding lower fares on Kolkata to Deoghar flights.

About Kolkata

The "City of Joy," Kolkata, is amajorcenter for Indian politics, culture, and the economy. It is one of the four major metropolitan areas of the nation and the seat of West Bengal. Kolkata has maintained its natural appeal despite embracing modernization. The architectural landscape of the city is a reflection of its colonial past, with iconic buildings like Victoria Memorial Hall, Raj Bhavan, and Writers` Building reflecting a bygone age. Kolkata is home to world-class educational institutions that supported the intellectual growth of notable social reformers like Swami Vivekananda, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and liberation fighter Subhas Chandra Bose, whose ideals were developed during their time in the city.

Kolkata Airport Information

Dum Dum Airport in Kolkata is currently known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. It may be found in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. Being the fifth busiest airport in India, it links the city to well-known locations throughout the globe. It serves as one of the two international airports in the state and is situated around 17 kilometers from the city center. It is the second-largest airport in East India. Kolkata to Deoghar flight time is quite flexible which you can check out.

Places to visit in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial: Kolkata`s Victoria Memorial, a striking white structure, is a must-see location. It was given the Queen Victoria name and is now a museum, making it the perfect place for history buffs.

Howrah Bridge: Not only is Howrah Bridge a popular tourist destination in Kolkata, but it is also a well-known landmark.

Park Street: Park Street has changed into a bustling nightlife district. It accommodates a variety of tastes because of its extensive selection of upscale eateries, renowned clubs, and pubs.

Babu Ghat: Princep Ghat is well-known in Kolkata, but Babu Ghat is also a peaceful location with beautiful views and fewer tourists.

About Deoghar

Deoghar, a small town in Jharkhand, is renowned for its stunning natural surroundings and extensive cultural history. There are several temples, intriguing landmarks, and historical sites there. With a well-established transportation system, the city is easily accessible from all regions of the nation. The district, which was created on June 1, 1983, has its administrative center at Deoghar. The respected Baba Baidyanath Dham temple, which is very important to the community`s economy and society, is the main attraction in the city. Deoghar is located at a height of 247 meters above sea level and is encircled by thick trees.

Deoghar Airport Information

On July 12, 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi facilitated the Deoghar Airport by beginning the Deoghar to Kolkata Indigo flight. After the Birsa Munda International Airport in Ranchi, it serves as the state`s secondary airport. The airport, built by the Airport Authority of India (AAI), covers 653.75 acres and has a terminal structure that is 4,000 square meters in size. The airport was built for a total of Rs 401 crore. Six check-in desks and two arrival belts are included, and it has a capacity of around 200 people per hour. The airport will display Adivasi art, regional crafts, and well-known tourist attractions to highlight the state`s culture. Book Kolkata to Deoghar flights with My Flight Trip for a convenient journey.

There are direct flights by IndiGo that take an hour and a half to get from Kolkata to Deoghar. The flight ticket from Kolkata to Deoghar starts at a minimum cost of INR 4000.

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Popular Hotels

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It takes around 1 hour and 5 minutes to fly from Kolkata to Deoghar.

At the moment IndiGo presently runs the most flights between these cities.

Currently, major airlines like IndiGo offer flights between Kolkata and Deoghar.

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